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Fire board candidate responds to letter

October 13, 2010
Fort Myers Beach Bulletin, Fort Myers Beach Observer

To the editor:

I didn't want to get involved with cheap-shot politics as we see and hearevery day on the radio and television, but I find that it is my duty to respond to just such low tactics from the 'letter to the editor' in last week's Observer.

First, let me say that it is not true that I didn't respond to an invitation by the Civic Association. Lee Melsek likes to stretch the truth, as he is known to do.

I received a call from Pat Smith and accepted her invite to speak. A few days later I opened my voice mail to find a message from Pat that they would like to move that date up a week (to the day after I got the message). Well, this may have worked out well for them in their back-door discussions, but that short notice didn't work for me. So, for that group to say that "I didn't show up for a scheduled interview," it is totally untrue.

To blast Betty Goodacre and Ted Reckwerdt the way Lee Melsek did is a real shame. These two people have done more good for the community than Melsek could ever do, and they don't spend there time ripping people apart from week to week like he does.

And, is it just me, or did other readers notice that the "views of"Flip Harby were never mentioned in Melsick's letter. I wonder why?

Oh, as for the record, I was invited properly, and without a date change, to the Commotion by the Ocean and plan to attend. I hope the whole community shows up to ask questions of all the attendees, from the locals to the LeeCounty Reps.

In closing I want the Observer to know how Lee Melsek likes, let's just say, to stretch the truth. In his letter he stated that the Fire fighters Union offered to help "Morris and Schindler." Oh yes, but he forgot to mention that the union will help ALL Commission candidates in the placement of there signs and as a sign of goodwill. This was confirmed with a call to Union Rep. Troy Messick.

P.S. Lee, notice I didn't misspell your name, as you did mine.

Al (Big Al) Agathen

Fort Myers Beach



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