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Spring break MADNESS! Taking care of that skin while partying

March 4, 2011

Okay, so Spring Break on the Beach has been rockin' steady for the last couple of weeks. And chances are you've been out there partying for at least a most of that time.

There are still tons of schools scheduled to hit the sands, but for those of you who've been partying with all of the visiting co-eds with no end to the party in sight, it might be time for some after-sun rituals to keep your skin moisturized and a bit safer from those harsh rays.

Taking a quick dip

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So you've been laying out by the pool all day, or jumping around playing an awesome game of V-ball along the gulf. You know that feeling you get as soon as you make it home, how you just want to strip down and get in the shower for a long, soothing rinse-off?

Turns out it's not a good idea to take too long of a warm shower after being out in the sun so long. It actually dries out your skin even more.

Instead, take a quick, luke warm shower just enough to get all of the tanning oil and sand off. Afterward, blot your skin dry with a towel don't wipe it dry. By blotting, the moisture remaining on the surface can get within the skin.

Lather it on

Before you're completely dry (stay in the bathroom for a little while, since there should be lots of moisture in the air after the shower), make sure to slather on a good moisturizing lotion to rehydrate your skin. Don't be afraid to really lay that stuff on. The more rubbed into the skin, the better.

If you decide to go back out for a night on the town later, spritz a little lotion with SPF on your face to help maintain wrinkle-free status.

At-home recipes

Any local store or tourist shop around town is bound to have some after-sun treatments available for purchase, but if you're in the mood to play scientist and whip up a good batch of homemade after-sun treatment, dive right on in.

b After-sun relief gel

2 tbs.Aloe vera gel (about the amount

extracted from two fresh leaves)

2 tbs.Witch hazel

1 tsp.Glycerin

1/2 tsp.Kelp powder

2 dropsChamomile oil

2 dropsLavender oil

Blend each of the ingredients together and decant into a dark glass (recommended) or a plastic dispenser bottle. Shake well before use. The lavender oil has healing agents particularly suited for sunburn relief. This concoction is best stored in a cool place, where it will last approximately three months.

b After-sun soothing bath

2 c.Finely ground oats

2 c.Whole milk

10 dropsLavender oil

Combine the milk and oatmeal in a blender and cook until slightly warm and mixed do not cook to the same point as if you were preparing to eat it remember, you're making a lukewarm slather paste.

Remove from heat and add the lavender oil. Stir all ingredients in a bathtub filled with lukewarm or cool water.

The whole milk has fats and lactic acid that are softening and soothing to sunburned skin and also speeds up the healing process. The fat is important for the recipe, so don't use skim or lowfat milk. The oatmeal also speeds the healing process and protects the skin. The light film that remains after the bath should be kept in place as long as possible.



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