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Showing Mom some Love: Finding the perfect gift for Mother’s Day

May 6, 2011
Looking for that perfect gift for your special mom(s) (or grandmom[s]) this Mother’s Day? Time’s running out, so if you’re still stressed with little to no ideas, read on for some insight. (By the way, Mother’s Day is Sunday, May 8, so, you better hurry!)

Going the Traditional route

If you’re looking to stay along the traditional route this Mother’s Day, let’s look at the more standard methods of showing your mom you care. Surprise her with a big, bodacious bouquet of flowers from one of our local florists. If she’s out of town, our local floral specialists have the technology to wire bouquets all over the world. Whether they’re made up of her favorite colors, favorite blooms or budding roses, she will absolutely adore them.

Another traditional gift Mom’s sure to love is taking her out to eat. A lovely Mother’s Day dinner is nothing out of the ordinary, but try shaking it up a bit by taking her out to breakfast, lunch or brunch. Or, pick up some fresh, homegrown veggies and other foods from around town and make her a meal from scratch.

Ahhh, jewelry, another traditional gift that any mom is sure to love. Bracelets, earrings, necklaces, rings, body jewelry,… anything that shines, she’d love. Stop by some of our many jewelry shops on the beach to find the perfect piece of bling for Momma.

Hitting the

Non-Traditional path

Okay, you’ve done the whole traditional celebration in the past. You’re ready to shake it up a bit and show your mother affection in a different light. Here are some non-traditional Mother’s Day ideas that can make her say “Whoa,” as well as, “Wow!”

Get her (and you) inked! Matching tattoos – you and mom. Whether she chooses the style or you do, it’s a great gift that will make her remember it always.

Go get pierced! Body piercing is still a popular venture that would make for an awesome time with you and your mom (and maybe grandmom)! Plenty of local beach spots offer custom body piercing and jewelry.

Take her to a rock show. In fact, Ale Mary’s is hosting a Mother’s Day special concert with Where Angels Suffer, where all moms get in free. (See story below for further details.) After all, moms do rock!

Take her on a getaway adventure – for the day, the weekend, whatever. It can be a simple-yet-fun trip to the spa or massage parlor, or a weekend run in Key West.

How about a new car?! That’s right. Everyone loves a new ride – even moms! If you have the cash to do it, see what you can get that fits her personality. If money’s a little tight but still want to get her something that “moves,” check out bicycles, motorcycles, scooters and roller blades. Hey, moms like to ride, too!

If you’re a crafter and want to give her something from the heart, bust out those scissors and track down the glue. Make her a scrapbook, or create a homemade card. Write her a poem or build a video photo journal on very easy-to-use (and usually free) software.

Some ideas on what’s not the best thing to get her: household appliances like vacuum cleaners, irons, toasters, etc.; socks; and cleaning supplies.

Another thing you shouldn’t do, though, is do nothing. Even if it’s just a phone call or a pop-in visit just to say, “Hi, Mom. Happy Mother’s Day. I love you,” anything is better than nothing.

Whatever you decide to do for Mom this year, she’s sure to love it, since it comes from you. And, to all our moms and grandmoms, Happy Mother’s Day!

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Still having trouble figuring out how you want to show mom some love this Mother’s Day? Read on for some ideas you may – or may not – have already come up with.



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