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Boating: Welcome to Water Free Boat Show!

June 8, 2011
By boatguy Ed

“It's about time they gave a free boat show,” said Boston Bob, while reading his e-mail on his I-pad. “Well it isn't really a boat show according to the press release, says here that it's ‘Welcome to the Water’ which is part of National Marina Day, a two-day event in Downtown Fort Myers on Saturday, June 11 and Sunday, June 12. Wouldn't you know I'm scheduled to drive for the car service, darn!”

“Take the taxi down and park it right up front, maybe you'll get a fare,” said crotchety old 'Run-aground Ralph.' He knew Bob didn't pick up on the street, only to or from the airport, but Ralph never missed a chance to stir it up.

“If anyone could use some seminars on boat handling, it’s you, Ralph,” said Erie Earl.

“Man, they got a full schedule. Boating, fishing, diving, kayaking, canoeing and many

other water-sports activities are available in one form or another to almost everyone in our community. I don’t think people have any idea of the opportunities available to get out on the water. We hope our first ‘Welcome to the Water’ event will help get that word out,” said some guy named Hansen.

“Where are you heading, Earl,” asked Boom Boom Melissa (She and hubby Steely Dan are from Youngstown, Ohio). “I'm hungry, and it's lunch time!”

“I'm definitely going to the 'Free Boat Show' this weekend, but where do you want to have lunch?”

“Let's go back to 'Put'n Bay South,” said 'Boom Boom.' The groan from the boat was audible to the people in the waterfront condos. “The tide is running too strong and I'm not about to ding up my pontoon boat anymore than it already is trying to get in there on a fast tide,” argued Earl.

“That's why we go there with our designated driver by road. It's fun watching other boaters banging into the docks or other boats as long as we aren't one of them,” said Boston Bob.

Earl took us to Matanzas, and we docked right up front on the long seawall. I had a corned beef reuben and was amazed that Matanzas and its neighbor, Nervous Nellie's, could have such great reuben sandwiches. I almost opted for the grouper reuben, but I went with traditional.

“So when are we heading downtown Saturday,” asked 'Steely Dan' (he worked in a steel mill in Youngstown).

“They have some docks available so you can go by boat if you want,” said Boston Bob with a small tear in his eye. “I think I'm going to try and get off early either Saturday or Sunday.”

“Good placed to eat downtown. I'm going, aren't we honey,” said Melissa to Dan, who was in the middle of a mouthful of stuffed mushrooms. He just nodded like a good husband and kept on digging up the 'shrooms.

“What time are we meeting at the Reverend's house,” asked RA Ralph.

“Welcome to the Water will be open from 10 a.m. to 5 p.m. both Saturday and

Sunday. It is located at the west end of Fort Myers City Yacht Basin near the boat ramp. They're having fishing seminars, boat maintenance workshops, diving presentations and limited boat rides free to the public,” read Boston Bob.

“Stop torturing yourself, Bob. Maybe it'll be another slow weekend, and you'll get off early,” I tried to cheer him up.

“I want to try the new Morgan House. I hear it is as good, if not better, than the old place,” said Melissa. And the old question came up, how does she stay so skinny when all she thinks about is where she's going to eat next. “I don't cook and Dan wears it off of me,” she giggled.

“He must tie you to the StairMaster,” said Run-aground Ralph.

Steely Dan shook his fist at him from across the table despite the low chuckle emitting from his clenched jaw. It was a good zinger even though totally unnecessary.

“Will your son's television show have a booth at the 'Welcome to the Water' event downtown this weekend,” asked Boston Bob.

“Yes, and it will be manned by his parents. In fact, the Wednesday night 7 p.m. show has a commercial for the event,” I said.

“We should have bought more 'Dead End Canal Yacht Club' paraphernalia from Dan's Signs, and you could have sold them for the club at the booth,” said Boston Bob.

Boatguy Ed is a Fort Myers retired bottom paint maker and is currently a volunteer extra on his son's Boater's Treasures television show that sells half priced dining certificates, Send your comments to!



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