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Healing Hands: Massage therapist offers new techniques for ultimate relaxation

January 27, 2012
Melissa Schneider - Editor ( , Fort Myers Beach Bulletin, Fort Myers Beach Observer

Longtime Beach resident and massage therapist Ellie Sandler and her Well-Kneaded Massage Therapy office is proud to offer two new forms of relaxation therapy that promises to rejuvenate the mind, body and spirit.

Tuning Fork Therapy and Essential Energy Massage are two techniques of rejuvenation that lifts the spirit while relaxing the body. Whether you try either of these treatments of their own, or as a combination with Ellie's other great treaments, these new healing styles are sure to calm even the most stressed, mid-seasonally cluttered mind.

Tuning Fork Therapy

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Licensed Massage Therapist Ellie Sandler is proud to offer two new techniques to clients: Tuning Fork Therapy and Essential Energy Massage – rejuvenating your mind, body and spirit. Above, Ellie’s magical hands ease the intense shoulder pain that her client, Brandon Peter, had been suffering from. By the end of his session, all pain and discomfort was dissolved. Photo by MELISSA SCHNEIDER.

"Through Tuning Fork Therapy, it has been scientifically proven the frequency of the forks speak directly to the cells, which actually tunes them like a piano," the licensed esthetician and massage therapist said. "There have been some remarkable studies on various cells especially how cancer cells respond to certain sound waves. Tuning Fork Therapy has even been used to help cancer-treatment therapy."

Upon stepping into her cozy office, all tension and anxiety is left at the threshold. You're leaving the hustle and bustle of everyday life and entering into a world of tranquility and peace.

A light waft of aromatherapy oils can be sensed from the ambient-lit room, instantly relaxing the nerves, and the truly eclectic feel of the surroundings emit a very relaxing and peaceful aura.

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Well-Kneaded Massage Therapy


What: Local, licensed, experienced massage therapist offering several relaxing and rejuvenating treatments, including the new Tuning Fork Therapy, Essential Energy Massage and LuminEssence Facelift Massage.

In or out calls? Both. Ellie travels to local homes and resorts for in-room treatments, including the DiamondHead, Lovers Key and Bay to Beach.

Contact info: To schedule an appointment or for details, contact Ellie Sandler at 985-0262 or visit her office in the 300 building of the Kelly Carlos Plaza, 11595 Kelly Road, across the street from the new Target.

SPECIAL! $5 off any service your next visit

"I'm the relaxation queen," she said. "This office is all about relaxation and healing. I'm sure to use very mild scents that won't trigger allergies, such as lavender, tangerine, marjoram and rosemary."

By striking a tuning fork of a specific frequency that is "in tune" with the human body, holding it close to the skin, its soothing vibrations slowly enter the cells and correct what has become "out of tune," due to stress, sickness or other harmful occurences.

"Sound and light communicate instantly with the cells of the body. Any disease in the body or pain you may be feeling can really put your body out of tune, out of sync" Ellie said. "By putting the frequency back into the organs (through use of the tuning forks), your body will go back into balance."

Ellie explains just how she became so intriqued by this new-age process.

"I went in for some energy work, someone put a tuning fork on me, and it just really impressed me feeling the power and vibration coming off of the fork," she said. "I knew then that I wanted to offer this service to my clients. After recieving full certification, I?am now proud to offer this treatment to you, and can teach it, as well."

Chakra-balancing and tuning fork therapy also makes a great addition to Ellie's therapeutic massages.

Essential Energy Massage

By combining essential oils, heat, energy massage and therapeutic massage, Ellie realigns the body's energy centers through a very soothing process.

"I use young living therapeutic-grade oils, combined with reiki (a form of energy healing), massage therapy and hot, natural herbal compresses to help slow down your central nervous system and realign your spine, which makes a significant structural change in your body, so energy can once again flow freely through it," she said.

This not only soothes you physically, but it also soothes you mentally, from deep inside your core to the external pores of your skin.

"I'm so excited to offer these two new services to both new clients and those who have been under my care for years. It's always good to explore and expand don't be afraid to try new things. Stop by and see me I'd love to show you these new techniques."

LuminEssence Facelift Massage

Her very own trademarked LuminEssence Facelift Massage has been a huge hit of Ellie's, turning back the hands of time without the use of scalpels, needles or lasers, and our local licensed massage therapist is one of the very few professionals within Southwest Florida who has been trained to practice this very special procedure.

"This is not a facial. It's a facelift massage," Ellie said. "It's all about working the muscles in your face to build them up and firm them, releasing wrinkles and tightening the skin."

Ellie said our facial muscles have memory, and just one treatment promises to show improved results.

By combining gentle massage strokes, relaxing acupressure and lymphatic treatment, collagen in the face and neck regenerates collagen and elastin tissue, helping to tighten, tone and firm the skin, she said.

Also during the hour-long escape, Ellie provides a soothing Honeylift Massage treatment. Using an all-natural, pure, organic honey and essential oil of orange blossom, this treatment fits the skin molecule perfectly for improved hydration, exfoliation, antibacterial benefits and immune system support.

Following the soothing face, neck and shoulder massages dabbled with warm towels and hot compresses to ease tension lines, Ellie gives a circulation-improving hand and foot massage, all while soothing eye pillows and a chin "tie up" continues to soothe.

"I'm very pleased to offer this expert facial massage technique that will truly transform your skin and leave you glowing," Ellie said.

And this technique does just that. After the treatment, your skin is left with a radiant feeling of purity.

"One of the great things about this treatment is it reminds people that their skin is very important," Ellie said. "Even if they come once, they'll feel so good and firm, it'll get them back in the routine of taking care of their skin."

Your place or mine?

Aside from her very peaceful, soothing, calming office in the 300 building of Kelly Carlos Plaza, near Target, the Tuning Fork Therapy, Essential Energy Massages, Therapeutic Massages, the LuminEssence Facelift Massage, or any of Ellie's other relaxing and rejuvenating treatments, can be performed wherever you may be located on or off the island, including in-room services of your hotel or resort, as well as house calls to your residence. Ellie offers in-room services to any resort in the area. Some regular resorts include the DiamondHead, Lovers Key and Bay to Beach.

Ellie's other services

and a special offer!

Ellie also performs several other rejuvenating treatments, including full 55-minute body massages, hot-stone-type therapy and raindrop therapy, a 75-minute series of essential oils that are dropped on the back to create a calming of the central nervous system, combined with massage to align the energy centers of the body. She is also certified to perform facials and micro-dermabrasions. Be sure to call her for details.

Well-Kneaded Massage Therapy is in the 300 building of the Kelly Carlos Plaza, 11595 Kelly Road, right across from the new Target on San Carlos Boulevard. To reserve your spot of peace and tranquility, contact Ellie Sandler LMT at 985-0262.

As Ellie concludes, "I invite anyone, whether you're new clients or long-time existing clients, to enjoy $5 off any service during your next visit. We all need to be kneaded."



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