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Residents who speak before Council vs Beach alcohol use (Part 2)

February 15, 2012
Fort Myers Beach Bulletin, Fort Myers Beach Observer

To the editor:

Regarding the town manager's public statement about ownership, few if any of us can do as we wish with property we own. Certainly not anyone whose property extends into the Public Beach today. Mayor, you know that and so does the town manager. I'm sure Council members know that property owners do not have complete control over their property. We all know that... The key for all property owners is zoning. In simple terms, "Restrictions on the use of property is determined by 'zoning'!"

The white sandy beach along Fort Myers Beach has always been set aside for use by the public! No matter who are the owners! The beach has never been 'set aside officially' for private use. Certainly not to serve beer, alcohol and sandwiches on the public beach!!

As members of this community, all of us, "Yes, you and I," should strive to uphold and improve it. How will legalizing the moving of alcohol, beer, food services etc., out of licensed bar and saloon operations to the sandy public beach area benefit the Town?? That thought should come to mind first. Council has no obligation to extend favored zoning to any property owners that will do bad things for/to their neighbors, the community or the general public.

If you are friends of this town, please do not extend yourselves as public servants. Do not extend your short-lived powers as Council members to do special favors or whatever.

The Town has ordinances and a town history of 16 years to deal with these business requests. No prior Town leaders would support these requests. It is hoped that you will agree with the past community leaders. Don't allow your town manager to lead you. You are the power. You should lead him. You owe your loyalty to the people of the Town of Fort Myers Beach.

It would be nice if caring residents would come forth and give support to their Council members. You need support to stop this nightmare. Many of our residents are retired as four of you are. Being new here on the island or being only a businessperson is no excuse or reason to not uphold the Town's tradition and established standards. Please stand strong. Thank you.

Garr Reynolds

Fort Myers Beach

Former Mayor of FMB



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