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Beach Chamber hires new director of sales

February 29, 2012
Fort Myers Beach Bulletin, Fort Myers Beach Observer

Jan Dynes Daymon is the new director of sales at the Greater Fort Myers Beach Area Chamber of Commerce. She comes from Santa Fe, New Mexico and before that Ninilchik, Alaska. For 26 years, she ran Hilton's International Start-up Division based in London. As an MBA and International Contract Lawyer; you would think she would be dull and stuffy; but instead she is a genuine 'character' and darn proud of it too.

After her retirement from Hilton at age 50, she set out to achieve all the dreams on her "bucket list" and did. She mushed an Iditarod, climbed Mt McKinley (or Denali as the natives call it), ran marathons and was the only non-native to ever take part in and photograph a Point Hope Whaling Expedition, while experiencing 60 degrees below zero in the process. Then, as a finale to her list, she bought a 41-foot sailboat and set out to single-handedly sail around the world. She fell in love with everywhere she went and was amazed at the kindness of strangers wherever she docked.

While aboard when she ran out of reading matter and was faced with nothing to read, she wrote her first book which was published on her first query letter. "Refraction by Jan Dynes" was awarded with "the best new suspense novelist' at the Los Angeles Book Festival in 2009. (

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Jan Dynes Daymon.

Last year Jan went to Haiti and the Dominican Republic and built a school and an orphanage in Dajabon right on the border, raising all the funds and accomplishing it with only a volunteer staff of locals from both countries. French, Spanish and Creole swirled together in a happy babble and, while she tried to learn it all, she relied on pantomime and lots of hugs and laughter. She lived in a little grass shack and slept on the ground on the construction site. Her neighbors, who had almost nothing themselves, shared their food with such generosity that she left part of her heart there.

Jan says that it was there she realized she must find a place that had a Beach to live "permanently." After lots of research and consideration with her husband Clint Daymon, a geologist and safety expert at the Los Alamos National Lab, they chose here and fell in love with our beautiful shoreline and the friendliness of Fort Myers Beach.

Now, Jan is an excited and wonderfully enthusiastic director of sales for the local chamber. She looks forward to helping all of its members flourish and this community to grow. She welcomes calls or questions from anyone she can help with anything.

Although her job is sales, Jan considers herself in more of a client services position. Having done 'business optimization and life coaching' prior to moving here, it is a good fit with this position too, as all her clients receive the benefit of her expertise if they want to grow their business' within the Fort Myers Beach area. Her optimism is infectious, so drop by and say, "Hello."

The World I See

By: Jan Dynes Daymon

Fort Myers Beach Chamber of Commerce: Director of Sales

I was once asked to write a short piece about how anyone can find happiness in today's world. The one of war, starvation, 'dog eat dog' politics and 'man's inhumanity to man', etc. I couldn't write that article. I do not choose to live in that world.

I am a simple woman unafraid to have enormous, yet ordinary dreams, though well-educated; I am still a wide-eyed optimist. I am excited to be at the Chamber and I am excited about my new home's Commerce and the opportunity to grow it and them. I don't pay much attention to the world news and its myriad gruesome details, only in the broad strokes and thus I still find the world to be a wonderful place; and I wish to elaborate on the word wonderful, it means wonder filled. We need to see the miracles all around us, both God created and people perpetuated. We need to believe in one another and a plan much bigger then ourselves, one which has an order and a plan for prosperity. Fort Myers Beach is growing and rebounding brilliantly and I am excited to be a part of it. Though only here a month now, I have fallen passionately involved and in love with both the history and the enthusiasm that resonates from our shores and throughout our surrounding areas.

The economy here is healthy again, speak it and increase it. Few things are more important than believing. Our thoughts, deeds and desires need to be lovely. We need to hold out gifts of generosity, sweetness, genuine goodness of heart and a child-like innocence of mind and spirit. We need to remember old adages, of being good neighbors and loving others as ourselves. We need to drop the desire to be politically correct to the point that has us slinging mud at anyone who thinks differently. We are meant to judge not.yet we be judged; so let us all lift up our fellow business' and our community and then grow it to heights never even imagined and everyone can flourish. We should remember that the greatest of all things is always 'love'; for our community.

Refer other Chamber Members, and every time you refer another; someone will be doing the same for you; you'll see very soon that a spirit of cooperation and generosity can grow The Fort Myers Beach Area in huge leaps and bounds. It is the kind of love and generosity of spirit, which must be practiced for seven days a week, not only on Sundays and with which we should weave our hearts and efforts in order to create a tapestry which betters our world one kindness at a time, with every person that crosses our paths.

The most important things in life are not tangible; they are the big pictures of sunrises, sunsets, rainbows, sand between our toes, blue skies and fluffy white clouds, the flowers blooming with fragrance and promise. We must remember to recognize these incredible blessings all around us for we enjoy them all in great abundance. Just as gravity pulls down, so does hope and joy float. Let them carry your prosperity with them. Fort Myers Beach is living the Dream!!!



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