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How to drastically improve the traffic situation by next week

March 7, 2012
Fort Myers Beach Bulletin, Fort Myers Beach Observer

To the editor:

The (at times) 4-plus mile back-up each way is created by poor management of vehicle versus pedestrian traffic between the foot of the Sky Bridge and basically the Lani Kai Resort.

Here's a proposal that doesn't involve bridges, tunnels or moving Estero Boulevard.

Post temporary notices one afternoon next week on the telephone poles on Estero asking for the public's participation in a Traffic Management Experiment.

Dedicate not one, but four police officers, one in each of the four crosswalks to oversee the experiment and (here's the key), in co-ordination with each other, allow an unfettered flow of vehicular traffic for say 90 seconds at a time keeping pedestrian traffic out of the road. Next stop the vehicles and allow the pedestrian traffic to cross the Boulevard.

Once this approach is seen to work (which it will), Phase II would involve upgrading the four Pedestrian crosswalks (five would be better) by making them wider, brighter and most importantly installing four synchronized (connected) digital countdown/traffic light signs so that pedestrians can see when the traffic will be stopped for them to cross.

I'm not anti-pedestrian, apart from perhaps helicopter pilots or boat captains; every pedestrian here (myself included) arrived by and will leave by road. The time is long overdue to find a solution.

Any other approach would undoubtedly be mired in committees, feasibility studies, rhetoric and wasted taxpayers' money.

It certainly wouldn't harm the local economy or the enjoyment factor of our guests and residents to make Fort Myers Beach a nicer, easier place to come to visit.

We can try this experiment next week for the cost or 100 or so photocopies and two to three hour's wages for the officers. What do you think?

Reg Beach

Island Resident - 4 years



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