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Traffic and how to help

March 7, 2012
Fort Myers Beach Bulletin, Fort Myers Beach Observer

To the editor:

1. Go SOUTH. If you live at or south of the Town Hall, drive to Bonita or Naples. Part of it is a lovely drive and they have everything to offer that you will find in Fort Myers. Almost always you can drive instead of enduring stop and crawl.

2. There is a heaven-sent opportunity now that there is Seafarers NOT, which has opened up space at ground zero. Unfortunately, there is a several thousand pounds gorilla (i.e. the treasure trove shop) that is in the way of the construction of a large multi-lane circular arrangement that would allow give-and-go merging and keep things going at least at a snail's pace.

Give the storeowner bad news and good news. Eminent domain would require the destruction of the building. The good news would be that payment would be twice the value of the property. The general benefit and savings to the community would more than justify the increase. Or just negotiate a very good price without the cost and time required by eminent domain.

I am looking in vain for a bookmaker who will give me odds that such a solution will occur. I would bet heavily it would not. The Lee BOCC controls the situation and Judah wants a car park. I bet a car park it will be.

The traffic situation has been much the same for at least the last 16 years. By how much is it limiting the development of the town? How many potential new visitors who are warned about it, or would be returners are put off and go elsewhere? And, of course, there is the huge waste of time and money spent sitting and burning gasoline.

Peter Reid

Fort Myers Beach



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