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Park ranger discussion at Beach Library

March 14, 2012
By Dr. Leroy Hommerding , Fort Myers Beach Bulletin, Fort Myers Beach Observer

Weekly Activities

Preschool Story Hour at 10:30 a.m. on Wednesday, March 14.

Horseshoe Crabs--Living Fossils on Thur, March 15, at 10:30 a.m.

Visiting Kenya Plus on Fri, March 16, at 10:30 a.m.

Also on Friday, Jewelry Making class at 1:30 p.m.

Palm Frond Weaving on Monday, Machr 19 at 1:30 p.m.

Book Discussion group meets on Tuesday, Mar 20 at 10 a.m.

Take Charge of Your Stress also on Tuesday at 1:30 p.m.

Activity Details

Join Park Ranger Eddie Foster as she discusses aspects of the horseshoe crab--its life and contribution. Children are welcome to participate in this session too on March 15.

On March 16, Miffy Greer will talk about visiting Kenya and other areas in Africa. She finds visiting there a stimulating experience and her sharing of details is likely to wet your appetite in considering a visit.

If you're seeking to make a custom piece of jewelry, check into details for the jewelry making class on March 16. Pre-register and $10 materials fee.

A special opportunity is available on March 19 with the palm frond weaving. We found that the last weaving class earned repeated notes of praise and satisfaction and have worked hard to schedule this class. Learn and do palm weaving. Instructors Terry Pinck and Kathryn Patterson have created arrangements pleasing to the eye and soul so their direction is a precious chance. Pre-register and $4 materials fee.

Book discussion group discusses "The Space Between Us," by Thrity Umrigar. If you've never participated in a discussion, you must make it a point to do so as there are multiple ways that the participants will aid in seeing something even more in the selected reading.

Stress seems to be part of living for many. How can one get a hold on this stress and manage/take charge? Dorothy Rodwell will offer a reflective and helpful time on March 20.


One option available in the expanded library will be the chance to have a beverage and/or light snack. The cafe' in the Library Commons on the top floor will enable those who are engaged in conversation whether in person or on the cell phone or via Wi-Fi access, or waiting for a presentation or meeting in the Community Room, to enjoy a bite or drink.

We are seeking an individual or couple that would be interested in managing this cafe'. The person(s) would be independent contractors and see that items are regularly available. If this is something you'd like to explore, please see me. Under this avenue, a local restaurant, who indicated they are interested, would provide all of the ingredients to be prepared and served. If a local business would like to take on the entire enterprise, in preparing and providing the food and the staff to serve the menu, that would also be a possibility. Again, see me to discuss.


Shell bouquets are on display in the Senior Zone display case. The arrangements are a work of art and created by Trudy Metz. It's doesn't take long to realize that Trudy and shells find a natural affinity. One recognizes her love for the shells as she seems to do the arrangements with ease. What is of particular delight is her use of the shells preferring their natural colors whenever possible.


More than 1,300 industry professionals participated in the Digital Book World expo in New York in late January. While many felt eager to explore the digital transition in terms of titles being also available as e-books and increasing apps for mobile devices, there were concerned voices that the number of all books sold digitally is highly exaggerated and will more likely reach around 25 percent by 2014.

The media hype has outstripped the reality. Public libraries are trying varying models in terms of making digital media available and that effort, not unlike that being experienced in the publishing industry, has experienced both ups and downs. In the expanded library we will also be increasing digital options. Our effort will be to offer assistance so that you can evaluate if this format works for you. Meanwhile, those with any concerns regarding print, can put those aside as we will continue to develop print options. Almost the entire second floor of the expansion will be devoted to books. The reality is that consumers and readers are not where the media has often made it seem as e-book sales are still relatively small in terms of total publishing output.

Case in point: Apple launched the first iPod in the fall of 2001. Almost ten years later, digital music sales are still only 46 percent of the overall music market, though projections were that it would be somewhere in the 90-plus percent. Many would acknowledge that the music industry has gone through enormous turmoil, but digital music has not yet reached half of all music sales. We find check-outs of CD music growing.

Music is a different medium too as it has always been an audible experience. It doesn't matter if the device generating the sound waves is a CD player or an iPod. We recognize that this is not the situation for many readers. Holding the book and flipping through the pages is a cherished part of the reading experience for most.

Bottomline, the issue is not that we are in a digital transition but only that the rate of change may be slower than the hype asserts. The digital is an additional service, an adjacent to the current options.

Library Hours

When we are closed, a recorder gives the hours of operation, either on 765-8162, or on 765-8163. Stop by on Monday & Wednesday between 9am and 8pm, on Tuesday, Thursday & Friday between 9 a.m. and 5 p.m., and on Saturday between 9 a.m and 1 p.m. We look forward to seeing you.



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