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Three concerned men

August 8, 2012
Fort Myers Beach Bulletin, Fort Myers Beach Observer

To the editor:

Recent public comments have referred to the three men opposing incumbent Library Board candidates as "3 angry men."

When one resorts to name calling, does that indicate a lack of positive things to say about their candidates? Fortunately the community has three concerned and frustrated men willing to challenge the actions of a majority of the Library Board who refuse to be fiscally accountable. There are concerned because the operating budget has increased substantially and frustrated because of lack of transparency and questionable budget actions.

Has anyone seen a published and approved budget for the expansion? Why are appropriations for expenditures over-budgeted and what happens to the surplus? If there are angry men [and women], it's the several hundred who signed the petition questioning the method of expansion.

The action of these three men has already resulted in positive change and benefits for residents:

- posting building plans on the web,

- DVDs of meetings,

- the beginning of a treasurers report at public meetings,

- identification of a catastrophe fund,

- development of historical budget data,

- publishing the proposed budget on the web

- a depreciation plan for assets.

Because of their efforts, we have greater transparency and more public information available. Review of financial data is not a sign of negativity; it's an indication of a business approach to a public agency. Board members should adopt this as part of their fiduciary responsibility.

Why not listen to the concerns of these thee men and ask the Board to follow their lead of fiscal accountability. Ask questions and be involved in the financial process. The Tea Party is not a negative connotation. The goal is to minimize taxes and be accountable to the public. It is not mutually exclusive from providing outstanding library services to our residents; in fact, the oath of office demands it.

Robert Miller

Fort Myers Beach



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