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Thank you, Ray Judah

August 21, 2012
Fort Myers Beach Bulletin, Fort Myers Beach Observer

To the editor:

I moved to Lee County (Cape Coral) in 1988, the same year that Ray Judah took office, so he was the only commissioner I knew, in that seat, in all these years. I am proud to say that as he provided the very best representation for which a constituent could ask.

Only the most honest, hardworking, caring, "real" person could ever last 24 years on the BOCC. Mr. Judah was never for sale. Unfortunately the person, who has unseated him, sold himself just to get the seat. I expected much better from him.

I am sad, not so much for Mr. Judah, as I am for me, Cape Coral and Lee County. He worked so consistently to protect us from ourselves by preserving the environment and ergo our current and future existence on this planet. He bucked the sugar growers, not to hurt them, but to save our water resources. That industry, in turn, may have helped Judah's opponent by supplying part of the $1/2 million for ads containing imaginary faults... untrue attacks on Mr. Judah. After 24 years in office, they couldn't find one negative true action to put in their nasty ads. They invented faults. What sickens me the most is that the "voters" bought into the negativity and lies. What hurts is that uneducated voters, easily swayed by lies in negative campaigns, are now controlling some of our elections, and therefore, our future,

Mr. Judah knows that I did not always agree with him on what was best but, like me, he worked for what he thought was best and I admired his educated and intelligent approach to problems and solutions. I will never forget all the benefits Mr. Judah fought to gain for us in Lee County. Hopefully, he will find an even better niche from which to serve the public.

Thank you Mr. Judah for your 24 years of service to Lee County, and God bless!

Alex LePera

Cape Coral



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