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Council sets criteria to evaluate manager

September 5, 2012
By BOB PETCHER, , Fort Myers Beach Bulletin, Fort Myers Beach Observer

Three Town Council members took the time to establish certain criteria factors for a Town Manager evaluation Thursday morning.

Working off a previously used evaluation form, Vice Mayor Bob Raymond and Councilman Alan Mandel and Joe Kosinski reviewed nine different categories, came up with a rating scale for each and devised weighted standards for each as well. Mayor Larry Kiker and Councilwoman Jo List were absent from the work session.

The categories include supervision, leadership, execution of policy, community relations, administrative duties, intergovernmental relations, city council relations, planning and financial management/budget preparation.

The rating scale was measured in descriptions from 1 (unacceptable unsatisfactory performance); to 2 (conditional requires improvement); to 3 (satisfactory meets council expectations; to 4 (exceptional generally exceeds Council expectations) to 5 (outstanding substantially exceeds Councils expectations).

"I would think if everything was going well, the rating would be somewhere between three and four," said Raymond.

The Council members then placed a numerical value on each category to give them a level of significance called the "weight" of the category. Supervision, leadership, execution of policy, community relations, administrative duties, planning and financial management/budget preparation each scored 10 points; intergovernmental relations scored 5 points; and city council relations weighed in at 25 points.

Multiplying the weight of the category by the rating equals an overall points standing. Each category rating was determined to be in the range of 0-149 points for rate 1; 150-249 for rate 2; 250-349 for rate 3; 350-449 for rate 4; and 450-500 for rate 5. A space for comments after each rating is provided to justify a high or low rating.

All three members agreed city council relations needed heavy consideration in point value.

"Does he follow up on the things we ask of him during a meeting. Those are all part of the evaluation," said Mandel. "If he looks at the review, he'll see the most important thing is to take care of Council. He works for us."

"The things I would like to see from the town manager is if I have a problem, can I get a hold of him and does he get back to me right away?" asked Raymond. "If I leave a voice mail, does he get back to me? On emails, do they get answered?"

Manager communication to Council was discussed and agreed upon that the level is good if not great. The recent tropical storm updates were used as examples.

The Council members then changed an "additional comments" section at the end of the evaluation to "recommendations for the future."

"That tells you what we would like to have," said Raymond.

Council members will be asked to look over the evaluation sheet prior to a workshop on the matter on Monday, Sept. 17. That is when each of the five members will fill out the sheet and hand them in for tabulation.

Here is a description of each of the nine categories included on the town manager evaluation sheet:

- Supervision: Does the City Manager maintain a standard of respect for department head's ability and encourage their initiative? Does he challenge them to perform at their highest level?

- Leadership: Does the city manager inspire others to succeed? Does he actively promote efficiency in operations? Does he demonstrate a high regard for personal ethics?

- Execution of Policy: Does he understand the laws and ordinances of the city and cause them to be fairly enforced?

- Community Relations: Does the city manager work well with citizens and properly handle their complaints?

- Administrative Duties: Does the city manager properly handle his administrative duties?

- Intergovernmental Relations: Does the city manager cooperate cordially with neighboring communities and citizens while looking after the interests of Fort Myers Beach?

- City Council Relations: Does the city manager work well with the city council in making sure there is adequate information available prior to meetings? Is he willing to meet with council members to deal with individual problems and issues?

- Planning: Does the city manager involve himself in the planning process to the correct degree? Does he review the process and look for better ways to handle development activities?

- Financial Management / Budget

Does the city manager ensure the budget is prepared and executed in the manner approved by the city's council? Does he ensure the city's monies are managed properly?



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