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Former mayor endorses County commission candidate

October 17, 2012
Fort Myers Beach Bulletin, Fort Myers Beach Observer

To the editor:

I, as many of your readers, have been keeping up with the local and national news. Some of it is from good, respectful, honest, and reliable people. Un-fortunately many politicians are corrupted to the core. Lose cash flows freely to the new or older experienced candidates. It does not make a difference to those who are infected with greed. Fortunately though, some of the dedicated, honest, respectful, reliable and dedicated individuals become fed-up with these unreliable candidates. They gather the fortitude and heart to step out and challenge for an elected office in an attempt to help their fellow citizens. It is a brave effort. Charley Whitehead is one of those men!

The biggest problem for this move into political office is that it takes money. Years ago that was not a total factor as it is today where money is power. And, that is about all it takes That is wrong - very wrong and is why our town, county, state and federal governments are destroying our country. Is there anything we can do? Yes. There truly is! Don't allow money to turn your candidates into crooks. Insist that they hold on to the original principles that they pretended to have during their campaign. Obligate them. Insist that they will work with and for the people. I believe that Charlie Whitehead will hold true to his principles as he has indicated and "work with and for the people!"

Mr. Whitehead is a candidate that keeps "his word." He will not waiver in his commitment to you. As a candidate for County Commissioner, I know that we can count on his reliability and judgment to serve the people. Ask some of the youngsters with whom he has taught, trained and encouraged through the years as he worked with them to learn and enjoy various sports on the athletic fields of Fort Myers Beach.

Mr. Charlie Whitehead needs your support if he is to win. Talk to your friends and neighbors. All of us need responsible individuals in this office. Thank you for getting out to VOTE.

Garr Reynolds

Former Town Mayor

Fort Myers Beach

PS -At this writing, it is known on the street as to which candidate will be receiving favored support from one of our local newspapers. It is hoped that the other will not do the same. Our community deserves non-partisan supported reporting and information from these journalists so that the residents can hear and view both Commissioner candidates to expose their true and honest characters fairly.




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