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Sometimes it’s like rocket surgery

October 17, 2012
By Larry DeHays , Fort Myers Beach Bulletin, Fort Myers Beach Observer

The girl began her story. "It's like I was like driving to school on like Dan C. Pratt Six Mile Cypress Parkway, when it just like stopped like going, you know?"

I didn't know. I also don't know why a road needs seven names, but I digress. Back to the story.

"I was almost like killed because it was stopped like in the road, you know?"

I still didn't know, but I was getting tired of being "liked" to death, you know? She continued, "I had to get to class because I had this like test to take and my professor, (I'm an English major) has it in for me anyhow, so if I like miss it he'll drop me from his class and I need the credit from that class, so I had to like catch a ride and like go on to school, so the car is like still setting there beside the road. Can you like fix it?"

English major? Are you kidding me? I'm thinking to myself.

"Sure we can fix it. We'll need the key and an exact location so we can send a tow truck to pick it up."

"How much will it cost me?," she asked.

"Well, the towing will depend on how far away it is, and we will have to check it out to see what's wrong before we can give you an estimate to repair it."

"But I have to know what it would like cost me. Can't you give me a rough idea, I mean like, you know? She went on.

Like, what do you think could be wrong with it? It can't be much, can it?"

"I'm sorry, but I can't give you an estimate until I know what is needed. Let's just get it here and see what the problem is, OK?"

"My boyfriend said I shouldn't let anyone touch it until I like had a guaranteed estimate, you know? I guess I'll have to try somewhere else then, you know?"

I still don't know. Like.

Everyone wants the price up front, but to know the price we first have to know what has to be done, (the treatment). Before that we have to know what's wrong, (the diagnosis), and to arrive at that we need to run some tests, (the office visit). It's not brain surgery, but you may notice a similar sequence of events to arrive at a cure. Why is it so hard to understand that the sequence cannot be reversed? You can't start with a price and work back to the tests. It's not rocket science either. We don't mean to imply that mechanics are in any way as skilled as doctors or rocket scientists. They do their jobs; we do ours. Ours is like rocket surgery. It may seem simple, but make a mistake and it blows. You know.



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