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The battle by the beach for county commish

October 24, 2012
Fort Myers Beach Bulletin, Fort Myers Beach Observer

To the editor:

I've been noticing jabs between the Larry Kiker and Charlie Whitehead camps as of late, for now we are in the home stretch of the Lee County Commission race and that's expected.

We have ex-Beach Mayors endorsing Charlie and we got the brand-new FMB Mayor endorsing Larry. (And this is a county race, not just a FMB race). We got soft money against grass roots hardly-any money; real estate people vs. real people for the people; and we got the all important one fact that is the truth ... Larry Kiker didn't register to vote till he could only vote for himself when he ran for council back yonder and then of course became Mayor of our island.

Hey. I like Larry. A lot. And I love Charlie as well. Yet with all the political posturing that occurs during these sorts of races I tend to always look for the most obvious truth. And that truth is not to register to vote until 2006 when Kiker ran for FMB Town Council after years had passed since he moved here in 1995 to Lee County is just not really my idea of a "Better Tomorrow." Simply judging from Mr. Kiker's past voting record alone makes one scratch one's head for a second and surly doesn't really make me want to chant -"Kiker-For the People," and more like chanting-"Kiker-for Himself." I'm not into all the muck racking and finger pointing as much as I want to base my ballot on the truth and each truth of Larry and Charlie as their history of truth tells.

So, in this day in age of corporate greed and self-satisfying agendas of which dominate our current political process, it may be very hard to look past this simple fact of Larry only registering to vote in Lee County to vote for himself and his own agenda! Indeed. The truth is what people are looking for as they cast, not all the same name-calling and serious smear campaigns that now have dominated our local political arena as well as national. I like both of these guys. A lot. However I am sure that people want a regular good person with no dirty hand shakes to help our local issues and who will strive to be a champion of leadership for the people not only on the island, yet county-wide.

I can't think any reason why Charlie Whitehead isn't going to be that person, as he will most certainly get my vote. A good lesson learned: how can one be apart of the electoral process to lead for a better tomorrow if one does not even register to vote for no one other than oneself's better tomorrow? Love. Not. Fear.

John. G. Heim

Fort Myers Beach



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