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Voting suppression in Flor-i-duh

November 14, 2012
Fort Myers Beach Bulletin, Fort Myers Beach Observer

To the editor:

The election has come and pass. President Obama retained his position as the leader of the free world and the people of the United States have spoken ... other than the people of Flor-i-duh!

We sure know how to make a name for ourselves when it matters upon the perfect political landscape that is the Presidential elections. Who knows and who will ever know if any of our votes actually counted. As if it would ever matter at this point. The country had re-elected Obama before thousands locally even casted their ballot. The last voter was recorded around 2 a.m. on election day/night due to the "long lines." Long lines are expected on Election Day no matter where you live. But not to the point of people becoming exhausted because of the time spent in long lines while needing medical attention, soaking in the rain and the constant rumors floating around the line that the machine or scanner was broken, and it was!!

Is this what democracy looks like? Or is this what voter suppression looks like? I am happy because my choice won! Not happy that he didn't get my vote or support. It's not our fault that we came out to vote. Don't blame us with terms like "because of the long lines" when communities were supplied with one machine or less without any warning. The comedy of errors was now in effect. The machines broke down in the middle of the election chaos that left all walks of life in four to six hour waits to perform their civic duty.

The Supervisor of Elections in Lee County apologized and shed tears in her utter disbelief. Governor Scott seems as if all went well, even though his man lost (total oblivious). When frustrated voters called the hotline for voter troubles of any kind, they were simply told that they should've voted early! Wow. Voter suppression is serious of a crime against our basic rights. Having our say is why we were all out there waiting, right? To be counted, right? Sad to say: Wrong!

And, we are now and again, forever known as Flor-i-duh!! We are the state whose casted ballots haven't fully come into the front door of their precinct to cast their final vote until 2 a.m. just as the President became President again for four more years, four hours earlier??? Is your head spinning yet? It will now!

This all tells me that we as a state should simply annex from the U. S. while we become our own sovereign nation known as the New Peninsula of Flor-i-duh! Or the Branch Floridians!!! Who knows? I don't know, but I do know for sure now-- we just cannot vote correctly in this state of hanging chads to scanner shortages! Or maybe they simply will not let us vote correctly?

I remember having a conversation a kid on the island who said to me that the kids school election was more organized than this Presidential election ballots in Flor-i-duh! Maybe on our quest to become our own little separate nation of the Sunshine State, we can let the kids be our leaders as it seems they have a better system than what's at hand provided by our current leadership.

See ya at the annexation party!!

John. G. Heim

Fort Myers Beach



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