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Reasons U.S. should support Israel

December 12, 2012
Fort Myers Beach Bulletin, Fort Myers Beach Observer

To the editor:

Once again, Israel is being bombed and now the U.N. has voiced its support for the Palestinians. Let me remind Americans why the U.S. needs to stand firmly in their support of Israel. We have just spent billions of dollars and many U.S. soldiers' lives in fighting to bring democracy and human rights to other countries in the Middle East. Now Israel, our long-term ally, needs our public support in words, gestures and commitment not to bring about democracy but to advance the democracy that already exists in Israel. This will cost the U.S. a lot less in dollars and lives. Israel remains one of the few countries in the area that offers freedom to Jews, Christians and Muslims. In fact, Muslims have more freedoms and human rights protections in Israel than in many of the Muslim ruled countries.

With so many enemies of America in the Middle East, we need to stand unwavering beside our friend, Israel. Israel shares many of the United States' views about freedoms, human rights and democracy. We have never been attacked by the country of Israel or any of her citizens. Israel does not harbor or assist those that want to bring harm to the United States. Since Israel has the strongest military in the regions, we need to be on her side. If the U.S. does not support Israel then that void may be filled by Russia, China or India. This could make the world a more dangerous and unpredictable place.

As a Christian, I am reminded during the Christmas season that our creator, God, came to be with us in Israel, Jesus spent his life in Israel, and Jesus promises to return one day and of all the places on earth He has chosen to return to, He has chosen Israel. I want to take a stand now and say if Jesus, my Lord and Savior, felt Israel was a special place, then I do, too.

Gail Petty

Cape Coral



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