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Hunting for the Holidays: Part 2 of 3

December 11, 2012
Melissa Schneider - Editor ( , Fort Myers Beach Bulletin, Fort Myers Beach Observer


Welcome to the second installment of gift ideas for the tough-to-shop-for! We're beyond the mid-December mark, but if you think you've missed out on all of the great holiday deals, don't worry you haven't. Thousands of businesses are offering holiday deals throughout the rest of the month, both online and in person, to help even the last-minute, last-second shoppers get that perfect gift for someone special.

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Having trouble finding that perfect present for your list of friends and family, or looking for some unique gift ideas this holiday season? We're here to help ease your frustration and get your brain into "think" mode. We'll continue to help come up with some great gift ideas for those that are hard to shop for or just really don't know what they like.

Last week, we tackled the Young-at-Hearts, In-Laws and Gamers. This week, it's on to the Handymen, Lucky Ladies and Die-Hard Sports Fans. And, stay tuned for the next issue of the Beach Bulletin, as we conclude our gift-list attack for those hard-to-shop-for friends and family members, a task that's tough enough to frustrate even the highest of saints.

For the Handyman

There are so many great spots around town to pick up your favorite little handyman something special for the holidays.

With everyone talking about the inevitable "Zombie Apocalypse" lately, and the explosion of survival reality shows on TV, pick up a cool survival pack, complete with hair-splitting machete/knife, a fire starter and carry-all knapsack.

Multi-tools, like those made by Leatherman, are always a great thing to have handy. If they don't have one, they'll love it. If they already have one, a larger and more prominent one will definitely put a smile on their face.

Portable compressors are a perfect addition to the handyman's collection. Whether it's used to pump up car and bike tires or re-inflate the balls that the kids keep letting the air out of, rest assured, you won't get a sad smirk once they unwrap this gift.

At-home repair kits are a fine, fine thing. When something anything goes wrong in the house or office, whipping out this box will most likely result in some way to fix the problem properly! From levels and drill bits to pliers and wrenches, these kits come complete, ready to use and easily affordable.

If you're down to the wire and still can't figure out what to get your favorite handyman (or handywoman), a roll of duct tape is a pretty good gag gift. Every good fixer-upper knows one roll of duct tape can go a very lonnnnnng way!

For the Girlfriend/Wife/Lucky Lady

It's been said time and time again: If you're confused and don't know which way to go, you simply can't go wrong with jewelry or perfume for your best woman out there.

Up the ante a bit and get her a nice gift set of her favorite perfume, which usually comes with a matching lotion, powder and/or purse-sized spray or shake it up, take her to the jewelry shop or department store, and help her help you find the perfect piece.

For the Die-Hard Sports Fan

You'd imagine supplying a cool gift for a sports fanatic would be easy but it may not be as simple as you think.

A die-hard sports fan most likely already has tons of team T-shirts, team hats and anything else that sports their team's logo.

But, why not throw in some humor to the mix and get them a very-corny-yet-comfortable Snuggy that dons their favorite sports team? They're pretty simple to find online and in nearby stores, and not very expensive, often about $12 to $20.

Surprising them with tickets to one of The Big Games is always a plus. If they already have tickets or season passes, prepaid gift cards to the stadium concession stand and gift shops just makes their trip even better.

Sports books and documentary DVDs of your sports fan's award-winning team moments (or side-splitting fumbles) is another great addition to any fan's collection.

And, if you still can't think of something special, there's never anything wrong with getting them more team memorabilia: shirts, hats, PJs, pillowcases, they're all great.

Stay tuned to the next issue of the Beach Bulletin for additional suggestions for the tough-to-shop-for on your holiday lists. Happy shopping!



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