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Majority political class?

January 9, 2013
Fort Myers Beach Bulletin, Fort Myers Beach Observer

To the editor:

The Stupid 53 percent. Yeah, that's right! Are you part of the 53 percent that voted for Obama and the other Democrats in this past election? If so, you're part of the stupid 53 percent of the population. Two primary events of the past three months may define whether you are, in fact, stupid.

First of all, Benghazi and the murder of four Americans is still not resolved. There was a total lack of protection and support for our embassy there. The top decision makers in this administration are personally responsible, yet, most Americans don't seem to care. It's as if, it doesn't affect me so it's not important. Consequently, you are part of the Stupid Class of people in this country that just goes along with the Democrats. Is it only an outrage if your own family members are killed? Is there no outrage for the coverup by this administration? You may not only be Stupid, you may be culpable, in part because you don't speak up.

Secondly, most Americans haven't been concerned with the fiscal cliff except that they agree raising taxes on the richest is OK. But if the Stupid Class of Americans don't think their taxes are going up it doesn't matter. Now, of course, they are alarmed because everyone's taxes will go up without a fix. Now it becomes personal. The Stupids don't get involved or make their presence known until it's too late.

The fiscal cliff has been there for the past 10 years and Congress has had the responsibility for fixing it. Additional security was called for in Benghazi yet denied. Who's to blame? Did you vote?

Did you vote for politicians that exacerbate the problems? If so you are probably categorized as Stupid.

I received lots of feedback during the run up to the elections on my political views. Since then very few opposing comments have come forth. Maybe this will prompt discussion. Is everyone so disengaged that no one cares unless it affects them personally? America is falling into irrelevancy and we're being taken there by the Stupids.

Happy New Year, but that's questionable. Thanks!!!

Buck Hoffman

Cape Coral



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