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Have a care

January 9, 2013
Fort Myers Beach Bulletin, Fort Myers Beach Observer

To the editor:

Our first war for independence began when the British marched on an armory in Concord seeking to disarm the colonists. The colonial militia famously resisted and drove them off. The colonists knew that without the means to forcibly resist oppression their cause would be lost and liberty forfeit.

Had the British succeeded in their aims, guns wouldn't have gone away. But those who depended upon that armory to forcibly resist oppression would have been subdued.

Likewise, civil gun bans don't make guns go away. After the bans, guns still exist. The question is "Who owns them?"

Guns are instruments of power. Government is about power. People in government don't ban guns. People in government ban other peoples' gun ownership. Why do you suppose people in government have always been so anxious to confiscate others' guns? As Jefferson observed,

"When the people fear their government, there is tyranny; when the government fears the people, there is liberty."

What made America great was the extent to which power remained in the hands of the people. It's just about gone. Today Congress answers not to the people at large but to their "funders" (individuals who max out their contributions during an election cycle), less than .05 percent of the people. "Occupy" likes to call itself the 99 percent; "Occupy," the Tea Party and everybody else are actually the 99.95 percent.

Today people in government bail out those whose malfeasance nearly destroyed the economy, while millions among the 99.95 percent lose their homes and their jobs. Congress regularly grants itself unlimited access to our income and property either through direct taxation or by the issuance of staggering debt. People in government have torn up contracts and awarded swaths of ownership in formerly public corporations to their cronies. Today the President can order the execution of American citizens without review. Today people in government can tap your communications without a warrant. Today if people in government label you a terrorist, your rights disappear completely.

Civilian gun ownership is completely inconsistent with a police state. The Second Amendment ultimately secures civil liberties against those who would forcibly oppress. To those in Congress and elsewhere contemplating civilian gun confiscation, liberty lovers might say "Have a care".

Hugh Myers

Cape Coral



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