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Violence and weapons

February 20, 2013
Fort Myers Beach Bulletin, Fort Myers Beach Observer

To the editor:

Cain killed Abel with the jawbone of an ass. It was decreed that asses' jawbones were to be outlawed and all jawbones to be confiscated. We then went centuries without another killing being performed by an outlawed jawbone. Killings now took place with stones and sticks. These being everywhere could not be outlawed and so they remained.

Progression was made with the introduction of the spear. Again, realistically they could not be outlawed so they remained. The human mind being inventive as it is went on to discover the bow and arrow. This was a most effective weapon as now the wielder need not be very close to the victim. And the bow and arrow was also spared from strict control.

The wonder of an explosion and the ability of gun powder to launch a projectile gave fresh fodder to feed the mind and a plethora of weapons were created over the centuries. And we once again see the outcry to outlaw the gun.

The violence has always been there and is likely to be a part of the human nature forever. However, as it relates to gun control we have returned to the "jawboning" of some asses!

Joseph Kibitlewski

Cape Coral



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