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Entire boulevard needs attention, not one mile

February 27, 2013
Fort Myers Beach Bulletin, Fort Myers Beach Observer

To the editor:

What's cracking? The road is what's cracking! I seen it all now, and I understand it now as well.

The county recently released information to the much needed re-doing of Estero Boulevard. The county says it only has enough money to do one mile of the whole boulevard at $7 million a mile to complete the entire six segments to the south, starting at the foot of the bridge, when in turn our own little tiny town of FMB already re-did the entire north end at $5 million!

I got it now, and I get it! The town officials here on our island have done their end of the deal, while the county has wronged on their end. The ole handshake with the fingers crossed move. Valid point made by Mayor Mandel, when speaking of this is an old problem ignored ... until it becomes the elephant in the room.

Well, the elephant is on the road now and creating quite the cracks beneath its heavy, burdened weight. I wonder why it seemed so important to get either Kiker or Whitehead in the county commish seat last election. This is why! We got a voice in the county now in Larry.

"I can't imagine in a million years that you're going to do one mile of Estero Boulevard and then quit," County Commish Larry Kiker stated in disbelief to David Loveland, director of the county DOT.

Why does the county continuously have to rely on treating Fort Myers Beach as the redheaded stepchild on every important issue we face as a town? Why is that the county cannot follow through with its obligations when we as a town are certainly holding up to our own? Why does the county hate us so much? Yet they seem to forget of why they should love us as a community!

We are the main reason why people come here. The county should recognize that if there is an elephant on the loose on Estero Boulevard, then no one is to come to Fort Myers as a whole. Larry Kiker may not be able to convince all of Lee County that the Beach needs to fix its roads alone. Send that David Loveland an email to help have that voice for us all heard loudly.

John. G. Heim


Fort Myers Beach



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