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Get the "Frack" out of Florida

April 17, 2013
Fort Myers Beach Bulletin, Fort Myers Beach Observer

To the editor:

There soon could be a new circus coming to town. Fracking. It is short for "Hydraulic Fracturing."

The technique which sends a mix of water, sand and a slew of chemicals into the ground at a high pressure rate that, in turn, travels from the Earth's top soil all the way down to its bedrock to "fracture" the rock or foundation of our land in search of natural resources such as oil.

Lee, Collier, and Hendry Counties would be in the cross hairs of Fracking's aim for "groundbreaking production." Big Cypress Preserve, for example, would never be the same once they begin to drill there. All this fracking could very well mean that you and I and our children will soon see drastic changes of our ground water and to our surface water supply. Of the 27 states already using fracking, many have reported serious contamination to their water supply systems, not to mention trouble involved by requesting to receive information about the 750-plus chemicals used to frack and its side effects that are being ignored by fracking companies and corporations for profit.

Not for people! Some cases have shown residents who turn on their household water facets while holding a lighter to the water as it flows out in a stream, only to see the water catch the lighter fluid and ignite into flames! Yes, water catching on fire! Fracking companies expel such a notion of course and repeat over and over again that there is no chance at all to damages of the water supply and that fracking is 100 percent "safe."

While the truth is that many residents who live close by to production sites cannot get a shower, wash their clothes, or even dare to drink the water damaged by fracking because the water has turned into a natural gas and crude oil cocktail. Clean Water will have to be shipped in for all those basic needs, as is the case to what is actually occurring right now in the mountains of upstate Pennsylvania and New York state. Fracking pros include a jump in job opportunities to believe we no longer become dependent upon foreign oil, and so on and so on. However, at what cost?

Imagine a brand new technology with no idea of the repercussions of what bad could occur when they only care for the good to occur. The good of course meaning trillions in profit for them and the bad meaning the unknown to our water supply and even our water ways that would kill our ecosystem to its core, as well as making trillion of human beings ill or dead as a result of side effects that no one wants to acknowledge. One mistake would affect our entire state. Drilling for oil offshore locally has drawn major objection for good reason, and I personally call on all Floridians to learn more of the dangers involved in fracking while standing up and screaming out loud "Get the Frack out of Florida."

John. G. Heim

Fort Myers Beach Arts For Action.



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