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1st annual Pet Pals fundraiser

April 24, 2013
Fort Myers Beach Bulletin, Fort Myers Beach Observer

To the editor:

I first met Isabelle a couple years ago through the Pet Pal section of this paper.

My cat, the Amazing Devin Danger, had seven kittens all amazing of which I could only find homes for four.

A lot of people were losing their homes and there were so many animals out there that even though these kittens were so beautiful with blue-rimmed eyes that changed from green to gold they stayed with me for five months, needless to say my lover Walt was thrilled.

I miss those cats to this day but was so happy to finally find them a forever home and, even better, the two that had bonded since birth found their home together.

Over a period of time, I learned more about this pet rescue group and decided I wanted to try and give more back then a little cash here and there. So I again contacted Isabelle with Have a Home, Give a Home and asked if I could throw a fundraiser, after some hesitation and her plate already full, she overflowingly agreed. I already had the first band, the Rebel Monkeys, to headline. All we needed was a venue, and that's where Nervous Nellies comes in. I had spoken to Steve D. when the idea first came to light, and he told me if it ever got off the ground to give him a call. I did and the party started rolling down the track.

Originally I wanted to go for a poker run I had three bars at that time -Sandy Parrot, Cactus Jacks, Nellies- and was hoping for Sneaky Pete but Isabelle asked to keep the first one a little easy so they could get into the flow for their first time. We went with an all-day affair at one venue, and the rest is history.

In last week's story about the benefit some quotes got mixed up, so I just wanted to write my thank you here in full.

It was hard to put into words what I wanted to say, because animals mean so very much to me as does the kindness of others.

I want to thank all my friends and the community, which stepped up and gave their hearts out to help those who could not help themselves.

What does anyone really need in life but to fill their bellies, quench their thirst, feel warm and safe and, above all, loved.

I feel we accomplished this in many ways. With animals in need, it is always a work in progress. We are progressing.

I send to you the warmest love in my heart for your support.

With special thanks to Rodger Brown and the Rebel Monkeys, without them this train may have never left the tracks and Genein who fed them there Bananas.

To my Love Walt Hughes of A Chemist Touch Pool Service, who gave me three days a week off for two months to work on this event. Thank you, honey.

Caroline Brooks, our youngest Oompa Loompa, good luck with your play.

Wanda at Royal Scoop, who was sweet as cream and put a cheer back into my step after the longest day.

And, of course, last but not least, those who brought a new part of their family home that day and the rest of you that came had some fun and made this all possible.

All of the volunteers and donors were in last week's issue. There is not enough room to put all your names down here, but in my heart you are written forever. Shine your light, keeping others from the darkness and leave no animal behind.

Sandy Sky's Anderson

Event coordinator



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