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A rant about Michael Moore

May 22, 2013
Fort Myers Beach Bulletin, Fort Myers Beach Observer

To the editor:

Michael Moore is an idiot. He says that registering guns is okay. He says that the second amendment is for muskets not for the guns of today. He says that people shouldn't have guns that can kill 20 school kids.

Under his thinking, we shouldn't have pressure cookers either since they killed and injured over 180 in Boston. How about Tim McVey who killed all those in Oklahoma City with fertilizer? Should ban fertilizer?

No one in the media gets it; no one in the left gets it. In Germany in the early 1930s, they had firearm registration and, a few years later, the government, Nazis, came in to all the homes who had guns and took them. How did they know the people had guns? Gun registration! The same day that the Sandy Hook shooting took place, there were more people killed in China from a "Madman" with a knife than at Sandy Hook. Yes, he killed over 20 with a knife, so ban knives too Mike Moore and the left.

All of the media, the left and Hollywood has been educated by the Liberal Left in Universities and Liberal Arts Colleges. The professors in this higher education were taught by the liberals from the 1960s. Americans aren't getting a true education anymore. It seems that the powers to be want us to be fighting amongst each other because then they can start their take over of not just America but the whole world. Just look at what the UN Agenda 21 has to say about things - a one world (New World) Government. The government/UN controls peoples lives by restricting movement throughout the countries and world, by restricting their ability to defend themselves from an out of control government. The new world government will restrict what we eat, where and how we get educated and what gets taught in this new education. The government will tell us that our history books are wrong and the six million Jews didn't get murdered in Germany, that Columbus didn't discover America, that Ponce Delion didn't discover Florida.

They are starting this kind of teaching in our schools now. They say we cannot teach our children that God made the world, but they will teach them that Darwin's theories made man but then the Big Band Theory is totally different that Darwin, which they teach that. So how can to opposite theories both be correct?

If people open up their eyes they can see that we need a revolution throughout the world. We should let every country rule their country they way they want and every other country stay out of their affairs!

Joesph Meece

Fort Myers



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