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Resident offers traffic solution

June 19, 2013
Fort Myers Beach Bulletin, Fort Myers Beach Observer

To the editor:

Simple solutions to major traffic problems on the beach!

I've been saying this for many years, but no one will listen to my idea as how to relieve traffic on the Beach.

Much of the problem is caused by the pedestrian light in Times Square; eliminate the light, fix the problem.

The reversible lanes is a good start to help solve the problem, now here's the rest of the fix.

1) Make Times Square a total Pedestrian mall by blocking all traffic through it when coming over the bridge with a "Rotary."

When you come over the bridge to the "Rotary," you only have a choice of turning right towards Bowditch Point, or left to Estero Boulevard via Crescent Street. If you're coming from the south to Bowditch Point, simply go around the "Rotary."

2) Block all traffic through Times Sqaure from the south by turning right at McDonald's (Crescent Street). No traffic lights or stop signs in either direction, just 15 mph through the area, plus "stop" for pedestrians at cross walks.

3) Build a high-rise parking garage where the Seafarer's plaza was with all retail stores, restaurants, etc. on the ground floor. Enter or exit the garage at the "Rotary" with only a "yield to traffic sign," no traffic light here either. No need for a crossing light at Times Square; it would all be a pedestrian mall.

Bottom line: A huge pedestrian mall from the foot of the bridge to McDonald's at Crescent St. All traffic keeps moving from both directions at 15 mph. through the Times Square area. Problem solved!

Ed Kennedy

Fort Myers



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