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County should stay as “Lee”

July 31, 2013
Fort Myers Beach Bulletin, Fort Myers Beach Observer

To the editor:

I must respond to a letter to the editor printed last week, written by Dr. Lewis Robinson. But first, I want to qualify that I am NOT a racist. I've dated many a woman who were Asian, Hispanic, Indian, Black, Jewish, White, etc., being absolutely unconcerned with skin color, only the Person INSIDE the skin.

I'm sorry, but, Lee County should NOT change it's name. It is of historical value; it should be proud to maintain it's heritage and, besides, Gen. Robert E. Lee was a brilliant, dedicated soldier.

The Civil war was NOT just about Slavery, it was also about the "Yankee" federal government wielding its power over rogue Southern states that were attempting to secede from the union for their Freedom and "only" because of superior technology, organization, abundant raw materials and communications, the North won.

Yes, "our" country has committed some atrocities in its past, American Indian genecide, slavery, Vietnam War, etc., so I guess we should also change the name, "United States of America," to be politically correct as well. Eh, doctor?

So, the question I pose to you doctor is: because we have some black eyes in "our" history, should we erase all of it completely, doctor ? How can we learn from history, if we erase it?

Ask the same question to a Polish Jew about Adolf Hitler, and they will never forget! Nope. They will NEVER erase. The longer we dwell neurotically on racism, it WILL perpetuate, like this Zimmerman Trial agenda propaganda by Obama and the "liberal" media. This only puts MORE wood on the fire and widens the division among us. Besides, this thinking is soooo 20th century.

I recall back in 1987, in a deep Southern state, it struck Me. I saw a young black man, scurrying to work in the morning, wearing a suit and tie in his brand New Mercedes. I realized at that moment that we've come a LONG way baby. That troubled young black man you mentioned in your letter doctor was just shy, that's all. Quit seeking agendas, get past this racist mentatility and neuroses, so we can all get along with life and not dwell on 1963 any further.

That was then; this is now.

JD Burdge




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