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Story response related to tea party

August 21, 2013
Fort Myers Beach Bulletin, Fort Myers Beach Observer

To the editor:

I am responding to the article, "Building codes slow Business expansions" in last week's Observer. I recall in our country's history, back in 1774-75-76, that Great Britain was oppressing our citizens and businesses with the same scrutiny and burdens our own government is doing to "us" today.

Britain, at that time, punished American businesses in New England with heaps of strangeling rules, regulations and taxation without representation, which directly resulted in our war against Britain, the Revolutionary War, which did ultimatly create the birth of the United States.

Now, we are going through it, all over again, at the hands of our government. Since Obama took office as President, the amount of regulations and New Taxes imposed on "We" citizens by Federal, State, County government has been appalling and staggering. What country do we now live in now -Cuba, Red China, N.Korea, Venezuala, England?

You gotta ask yourself, "am I better off today, with all this, as opposed to 10 years ago? Maybe, it's time we have "another" tea party, 'eh??

Happy Jeff Burdge

Fort Myers Beach



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