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The story of Stone Soup

August 28, 2013
Fort Myers Beach Bulletin, Fort Myers Beach Observer

To the editor:

The "Kids Can Cook" television segment began at the Flamingo Inn as the children came over to sign up and sample some great pizza from Citrolla's at Times Square on Fort Myers Beach.

By now I am sure you are thinking what in tarnation does this have to do with soup anyhow. Well, perhaps you might have heard the story of stone soup. One person brought a stone, someone else brought a potato, and then someone added the celery and that was how it began.

It sort of describes how I started this particular segment of the "Kids Can Cook" television show. This is my own version of stone soup as it refers to the difficult times that we all sometimes face. And, at the same time, how friends help to make it all possible.

So, to begin with I would like to give thanks to King George, the computer whiz. Some names have been changed to protect the shy ones or, in this case, a real computer genius whose life would be overwhelmed if someone realized who he really was. And then there is my wonderful friend, Florentina, who is just great and gives me moral support. And then there is NatashaAnna Karina, who always gives me a ride so I don't have to wait for the trolley, especially when it is raining. And Eric from Edward Jones, who has always helped my project and has set up his great tent for us on numerous occasions.

Marie Antoinette is just Annette from Annette's Book Nook in Santini Plaza. Robert, who occasionally likes to read Robert Frost walking through the woods in the snow, although luckily there is no snow here on Fort Myers Beach, still makes sure all his packages get delivered on time from his Qwik Pack & Ship in Santini Plaza.

And, last but not least, it all happily ends at Mel's Dinner, where we will prepare Mac & Cheese with a taste of Germany, the Mediterranean, Italy and good old American Style. Then we topped it all off with Mel's Special Ice cream treat.

Sylvia Garson

Kids Can Cook producer



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