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Former councilman unhappy with Town progressions

November 20, 2013
Fort Myers Beach Bulletin, Fort Myers Beach Observer

To the editor:

I haven't given up on the Town yet, and I trust that you haven't. There are many reasons that I have not been attending Council meetings, and I imagine that it is for the same reasons that many of our residents aren't attending. I believe these Council members are doing nothing to keep their community proud. All is business just for the asking! It appears obvious to most people that the members of Council don't really care what the town residents think or want for their Town of Fort Myers Beach.

When the town became incorporated, many thought our island maybe could operate in a more favorable and efficient manner if the residents (both home owners and business owners) had a say in what their town should be like. I believe that the majority of residents and some business owners still feel that way. But I do not believe that this is the way things are working at the present time. Many business owners live off island somewhere in Lee County or in other area towns. Some will say that doesn't matter! But it does! I believe Council members are allowing themselves to be controlled and manipulated by island businesses.

One Councilman voted to allow local bars/restaurants to extend their businesses onto the public beach to serve alcohol. He then left the town for a better paying elected job with Lee County. Many other wishful bar/restaurant owners are now on a list of perhaps 20 other such establishments scattered along the public beach south. I, along with several former Council members, mayors, other town leaders and residents fought against that concept. It did no good. So did many others. That did no good either.

Council ignored every plea from all residents and their concerns. The fact that Council members are retired business owners makes no difference, or it should not. They took an oath to serve as representatives for the entire town. In my humble opinion, they have not done that and are basically still ignoring the general public. It is not likely that their sincerity to serve all residents of the island will change. That is sad. We had a nice island community that served resident home owners as well as business owners. I believe Council is degrading the Town as they continue to make decisions that are tearing the Town apart. Please, resident members of Council, work for your Town. You are the leaders of the Town of Fort Myers Beach, not the Town manager or any other staff member.

Garr Reynolds

Former Council member

Fort Myers Beach



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