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Shark abuse needs attention

December 4, 2013
Fort Myers Beach Bulletin, Fort Myers Beach Observer

To the editor:

I was running on the beach this morning and came across a few sharks, one fairly big 3/4 ft with their heads and tails cut off. I think this is disgusting behavior. They are located north of pier. Fishing is fun, fishing can be a sport, but in no way form should it be abused. Cutting the heads and tails off live sharks just because is cruel and should be punishable by law!

So, when I went back to take photos, a gentleman named John from England approached me and told me he and his wife were taking a stroll on the beach to watch the sunset when they witnessed this Hammerhead shark being killed by three men on the Beach. He said that the men went into the water, pulled the shark out by its tail and proceeded to chop off the head and fin sadly in front of about 20 onlookers. He was so disturbed and sickened by it. And I am too! He wasn't sure if the men were fishing or took advantage of a struggling fish, but either way it is disgusting!

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Jennifer Rusk

Fort Myers Beach



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