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Keep ordinance without rewrites

January 15, 2014
Fort Myers Beach Bulletin, Fort Myers Beach Observer

To the editor:

How can we wake up the residents of this town so that they will see what these 12-feet high swimming pools built only five feet from a canal with others to follow if allowed to stand will do serious harm to the community at-large? There are existing ordinances that do not allow this to happen. However, Council did allow this to happen! They were elected to represent the residents of this island. In my humble opinion, they are not doing that. It hurts to see what is happening to this wonderful little town of Fort Myers Beach under the guidance of this Town Council. We request that the error allowed this to happen be corrected by Council while there is still the chance to do so.

Staff leaders, where are your thoughts and ethics regarding town issues? You were hired to guide and keep the town healthy. Your approval of such projects is not the way to do it. That is Council's job, not yours. If you can not follow staff rules, then resign and retire to your off-island homes. However, there is still hope for a happy and prosper new year for Fort Myers Beach. As town leaders, why not put your efforts toward improving this community? If you cannot do that, then you should resign and go else where.

The residents' goals are to seek their own destiny. That is why you two staff leaders and other employees were hired. I challenge you to plant your feet in the beautiful white sand of our public beach, hold your head high and strive with all your might to move forward and correct the mess that you have caused to happen.

Keep Fort Myers Beach a proud community. Our town has ordinances to protect our many canals against the building of elevated pools near canals but only effective if enforced. It appears that you do not understand that ordinance. But that is not acceptable. That is your job. Do not surrender even one inch of a canal to this or any other developer. They can also read. It is hoped that you will actively respond and do the job as outlined in the ordinance. More excuses are not acceptable! Live by the same ordinance codes that every Council has followed since the town incorporated in 1995. It has been proven that it works. Most residents will be watching and listening. Please move forward and get this situation remedied. But, please, no rewrites. The Ordinance is fine.

Garr Reynolds

Fort Myers Beach



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