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Pick your Council candidates wisely

February 19, 2014
Fort Myers Beach Bulletin, Fort Myers Beach Observer

To the editor:

There's an election for Town Council coming up on March 11, and there are five candidates vying for three open seats.

The first thing I want to know about a candidate is what is motivating him/her to run. It's a lousy job. The position becomes closer to full-time than you want, you spend a lot of time hearing from people that are angry about something and the pay is crappy. In other words, the increment doesn't offset the excrement.

I believe that most candidates are doing it either for some kind of power/ego trip, or they're complete altruists, or complete fools. Usually it turns out to be some combination of these. I'd love to hear each candidate's take on my theory.

In any case, congratulations, good luck and thanks to all of them for running. Somebody has to do it, and I'm glad there are willing people who at least appear competent and qualified.

All five candidates look good on paper. (Of course, Trey Radel looked good on paper, too.) Realistically, you don't find out what you've elected until you see them in action. The most you can hope for is that they've presented themselves honestly. You can't begin to draw a conclusion about that unless you already know them or attend one of the forums to hear them talk. There are two of these events scheduled, one on the Feb. 21 at Fish Tale Marina, the other at Town Hall on the Feb. 24. I urge people to attend one or both, learn what you can from them and vote intelligently.

The one of my votes that I'm sure of is for Anita Cereceda. She served with honor and distinction as the town's first mayor after incorporation many years ago. She's smart and a straight-shooter who will tell you exactly what she believes. She knows all of the history - she was a part of it. She's both a business owner and forever resident. Years ago, she succeeded at bringing all the local constituencies together and she can help do it again at a time when the town needs it badly. I'm so glad she decided to run.

There's a lot of stuff on the town's plate right now and not all of it is pleasant. The only chance we have of getting a Council that can deal with it is for the voters to educate themselves and choose well.

Jay Light

Fort Myers Beach



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