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Concerned residents on 'problem property owners'

February 18, 2014
Fort Myers Beach Bulletin, Fort Myers Beach Observer

To the editor:

Do you have problems with property owners in your neighborhood, renters of Fort Myers Beach?

As of late, you has been cursed with "look down their noses" property owners in many of our neighborhoods.

Have you experienced owners who:

- Have arrogantly built a house so HUGE that it blocks your "once" beautiful view of the beach?

- Have you heard LOUD domestic arguing from these premises over money issues?

- Have the Sheriffs Department been summoned to these addresses numerous times because of ALL this shouting about money?

- Shows signs of alcohol and drug abuse?

- Have bullied and harassed neighbors in a drunken state?

- Have large, aggressive guard dogs, barking constantly on their property?

- Have late night patio cocktail parties, blasting their expensive stereo systems loudly, keeping you and neighbors up ALL night?

- Have you had property owners look down their noses at you with a "holier than thou" attitude, just because of their economic status?

- Do the above mentioned owners believe they have "more and exclusive" rights over you as an American, and feel they have a "God-given right" to make all others around them miserable on an ongoing basis?

We must sterilize and cleanse our little island community of this scourge before it's to late! If you have hearsay gossip, spin-slander info you'd like to share, or join us in our cause, you will remain anonymous. Email me at and remember kids, at all times, maintain a healthy sense of humor. Life is too short, and too much hateful stress will kill You! All in jest....

JD Burdge

"LongTerm" Islander



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