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Defending Judah and water quality position

April 2, 2014
Fort Myers Beach Bulletin, Fort Myers Beach Observer

To the editor:

Judy Clayton Sanchez's letter to the editor on Feb. 12 insults the intelligence of every Floridian who is not employed by "Big Sugar."

Ray Judah is no longer a politician and his efforts to stop the polluting of our waters by the releases necessitated to keep the sugar executives fat and happy should be commended.

Your letter is clearly just a self-serving attempt to keep your high paying job at United States Sugar Corp. We should all be concerned about sugar companies. Let's all remember the roles played by the sugar companies and cotton companies in the proliferation of slavery in the Americas. Sugar continues to play such an important role in the healthy nutrition of our country, just ask any doctor. And best of all we must look at the greater good sugar companies do in shaping our country by the immensely large political donations they make to congressmen outright and hidden in PAC's.

Yes, let's all weep for Big Sugar as they continue to be the cause of our water problems going way back. If you are you wondering why our politicians haven't figured out a solution, see above.

Judy, you are wrong when you say "No single plan or project, in and of itself, is the perfect solution to preventing heavy discharges from harming our costal water resources." There is one, the state must purchase all of big sugar lands and everyone wins. No more pollution, no more fat, happy, retired billionaire sugar executives, and politicians who are no longer bought. Win, Win, Win!!

Mike Dicorpo

Sanibel Island



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