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Florida on energy – It’s a disgrace

April 16, 2014
Fort Myers Beach Bulletin, Fort Myers Beach Observer

To the editor:

One would have to have their head buried in the fox hole to not be aware that big energy, FP&L, Duke et al, is running rough shod over the citizens of Florida and the GOP political dominance is complicit.

Even a cursory glance forward shows that solar energy is coming on as a much more cost effective supplement to our energy mix. FP&L is bringing out the big guns to stave off this "disruptive technology to their business model" (according to the Edison Institute). They are trying to lower the amount of "net metering" (retail price for kilo watt hours[kwh] produced by individuals and businesses).

The following is the depth of corporate greed and inefficiency, when compared to the "government run" TVA Electric producer (Tennessee Valley Authority). We in Florida pay 0.12/kwh, while Tennesseans pay .10/kwh (20 percent less) for electricity. FP&L grudgingly pays replacement 0.12/kwh for those who produce electricity, as required by Net Metering. TVA encourages individuals by incentivizing them with 0.12/kwh in addition to the 0.10/kwh (tot. 0.22/kwh) for 10 years and then 10/kwh for the next 10 years.

The latter is how you march into the 21st Century responsibly. Search this for more on this topic:

"New report says that Florida public utilities have too much power in Tally "

Want cleaner, cheaper electricity? Demand it?

Michael Bartley

Fort Myers Beach



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