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Local artist loves Fort Myers Beach

April 30, 2014
Fort Myers Beach Bulletin, Fort Myers Beach Observer

To the editor:

Observer readers: I have lived here, year 'round for over 13 years. I am a working artist/musician and have found that, generally speaking, working and playing music here on the beach has been a "friendly" experience.

FMB isn't perfect, it does have it's flaws, which I have expressed about in letters to the editor in the Observer, many times in the past. But recently, I had my eyes popped wide open and received a "rude" education last week on Sanibel Island, when I worked there at a shop, doing my artwork in front of that shop. I was hurting Boone by creating Art for all to see, when I was shut down and kicked off the Island for doing so!

I find Sanibel to be a hostile, mean-hearted environment towards artists and small businesses alike and far from being friendly. My point being, that I, as a working artist, can "freely" work here on FMB, most places, without local government intervention or harassment. I can play my music here without being required to get permits "up the wazoo" to do so. You can go to a local bar here, and see lowly street people sitting shoulder to shoulder with millionaire yacht owners having "friendly" conversation. You don't get that on Sanibel.

FMB is as close to a "true" democracy as you can get. Sanibel is not.

Local Town Hall politicians, please take notice. Don't regulate us into becoming a nightmare clone of Sanibel Island. Eliminate most sound codes, repeal the sign ordinances to be much more Business friendly and Fort Myers Beach will truly be a paradise. I'm not ever going back to Sanibel if I don't have too, and I am so glad I live here on FMB.

Thank You!

JD Burdge


Fort Myers Beach



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