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Cape Coral marks Memorial Day at Coral Ridge

May 27, 2014
Fort Myers Beach Bulletin, Fort Myers Beach Observer

Memorial Day to many means cookouts and a three-day weekend. For those who served their country and their families, it often means a whole lot


Hundreds of people came to Coral Ridge Cemetery and its Veteran's Honor Garden on Monday for its annual memorial service to pay tribute

to those who gave their lives to keep our nation free.

They were treated to a touching ceremony featuring words from guest speakers who know all too well the price of freedom.

"This is to remember our fallen brothers and sisters, honoring their memories," said speaker Ray Villanueva, a U.S. Air Force veteran and

commander of AMVETS Post 65. "I myself have an uncle who died in the Korean War, and this is giving back our memories with our children

and future leaders."

The event featured a Huey fly-over salute to kick things off, with The Sun-Sations barbershop quartet singing the National Anthem in the

beginning and "God Bless America" to bring things to an end, and Vietnam veteran Roy St. Onge singing "God Bless the U.S.A."

Mayor Marni Sawicki was also on hand to recite the Pledge of Allegience, as was her predecessor John Sullivan, a strong supporter of

veterans causes.

"It's important we come out here to support the veterans, past and present, for the duty they performed for our country," Sullivan said.

"They gave us a way of life that we wouldn't have without them."

The most touching moments came from the guest speakers. Alan Classon, past commander of VFW Post 8463 and a Marine veteran, spoke of

American Pride, which began with the ride of Paul Revere and, while tested for more than 200 years, have never wavered.

"Each and every one of us can start that spark. Memorial Day should be Tune Up Your American Pride Day," Classon said. "I tune up my

American Pride each time I fold a veteran's flag off a coffin."

Villanueva talked of the selfless actions of the fallen, whether they be sailors, soldiers, airmen or Marines, who gave their lives so their

comrades could live and so freedom can prevail, and recounted stories of them.

"Beyond the many citations of valor are the untold, undocumented stories of American men and women who live with the scars of war,"

Villanueva said. "It's impossible for these veterans and their families to forget the sacrifuces they made, so why should our own memories


Jeff Rousey, retired Iraq War veteran, spoke of seeing the ultimate sacrifice firsthand, when his scout squadron got caught by the enemy.

"I woke up with the horrid sight of my wingman's vehicle blowing up. I was able to retrieve three of those soldiers; one of them failed to make

it," Rousey said. "That day 45 minutes seemed like an eternity."

VFW Post 8463 gave the gun salute and the playing of Taps and Jack Mulver gave the closding benediction before all were invited to the

Coral Ridge Funeral Home for refreshments and fellowship.

"It's a great community of veterans here and we'd like to say 'Thank You' for those who lost their lives," said Jorge Bracero, Army veteran

and program chairman of the funeral home and cemetery, which provides services to U.S. veterans and their spounses. "We try to involve as many kids as

we can so they can appreciate what they have done for this great country."



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