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Man power

Cape strongman plans to annihilate 10 world records

June 4, 2014
Fort Myers Beach Bulletin, Fort Myers Beach Observer

Local strongman David "The Mighty" Gonzales has thrown nearly a dozen world records out the window during his two-decade career so far, but that's not stopping him for attempting to break yet another 10 possibly 11 during his next round of muscle-bound strength performances at Anytime Fitness, 1315 Cape Coral Parkway E, Cape Coral, Monday, June 9, beginning at 2 that afternoon, and the public is welcome to join in and cheer on our mighty man of muscles.

Within an hour's time, Gonzales plans to destroy world records of speed, strength and fitness, including the most deep-knee bends in a minute, the most reps in one minute, two minutes, three minutes and four minutes (four records right there), the most consecutive presses over his head with a 50-pound dumbbell one in each hand to break the left hand and right hand simultaneously and many more.

"I'll also have a little surprise for the readers and the audience that day," the local strongman said. "Trust me, those 10 records will be broken that day. And when they are, I will have broken yet another record:?the most world records broken in one hour. I'll be fasting for two days prior to the performance, and will be having a nice, cold container of West Coast Chill, also known as the elixir of life, the fountain of youth, just before as well as in between records that fall. And, oh, they will fall."

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Strongman David “The Mighty” Gonzales working out.

Prior to this hour-long feat of strength Monday, Gonzales has broken past strongman world records, recorded with Ripley's Believe It or Not, including most cinder blocks broken over the head and the groin, most steel bars bent between his teeth and over his head, and curling a 120-pound barbell the most times over the head in one minute.

"I'm often asked about fitness, and for advice on physical and mental health, and my advice is to get out there and pursue your dreams. They won't give up on you; don't give up on them. You're never too old," strongman Gonzales said. "Greatness was never achieved for people making excuses for themselves."

Growing up as a "scrawny, nerdy" kid, 12-year Cape Coral resident Gonzales said he knows what it's like to be the underdog. Since first seeing a Charles Atlas ad in one of his comic books at a young age, the now-strongman became big into fitness, starting to lift weights in high school and training to be a professional wrestler in college.

"Bruno Sammartino, WWF wrestling strongman, was one of my inspirations. He refused to take any types of drugs to gain muscle and strength, and won all of his titles naturally,"?Gonzales said. "My other two inspirations: Charles Atlas and, of course, Rocky Balboa, because as I?said before, I?can relate to being the underdog."

You may remember seeing The Mighty Gonzales a couple years ago on Fort Myers Beach during spring break, when he broke numerous other strongman world records, many involving a bed of broken glass, at Hammerhead Gym, and when he was wowing the audience at the Lani Kai, ripping license plates in two with his teeth and shredding thick phone books from the spine, turning an old reference tool into nothing more than scraps of numbers on the floor.

"I really loved performing on Fort Myers Beach and hope to perform out there again very soon," he eagerly stated.

He will also soon perform at Hammond Stadium in Fort Myers, and looks forward to returning to Atlantic City, N.J., to pull off more phenomenal feats of strength on the boardwalk for Ripley's Believe It or Not.

For those of you hoping the strongman can perform at your upcoming private party or function he can!

"If you want wild, crazy, off-the-wall entertainment suitable for all ages, for the whole family, the Mighty Gonzales is your guy," he exclaimed.

As for Monday's hour-long feats of strength, all are welcome to stop by and watch with your own eyes as the world records are smashed onto the gym floor, one by one.

"I'm dedicating these world records to two people Monday: Mitchell Joseph, Sr., the man of the West Coast Chill operation. He is a man of the highest integrity and honor. And Kathryn Leigh Scott, an actress that appeared in the soap opera back in the 60s called Dark Shadows the biggest soap opera ever made. She is an incredible actress and one hell of a nice lady. I've always admired her. She took the time to wish a starving strongman well, and I?promised I'd dedicate these world records to her. The Mighty Gonzales always keeps his word."

For sponsorship information of the strongman, or to schedule David "The Mighty" Gonzales at your next event, call 239-233-4102 or email Feel free to see some of his many national TV?appearances uploaded to YouTube, including his several spots on the Jimmy Kimmel Live late-night show.



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