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Community spotlight: Bobby Armando Mimmo

Getting the rub on how to be pain-free

April 13, 2016
By John Morton ( , Fort Myers Beach Bulletin, Fort Myers Beach Observer

Q: You operate Armando's Day Spa at 2101 Estero Blvd., offering massage and physiotherapy. Tell us how you got involved in this field.

A: "I was trying to get involved in massage therapy 25 years ago back in Massachusetts, but the training was expensive and it was a two-year program there. Then, when I moved to Florida in 1993, I pursued it here - the training was more affordable, but still out of my budget as they did not offer any financing. Then, the Florida Academy of Massage was sold to a new owner who did offer financing and they contacted me to offer me the opportunity to come to school."

Q: What is the most common physical complaint you hear?

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Under some mood lighting, therapist Bobby Armando Mimmo applies the perfect touch to a client at his Estero Boulevard spa.

A: "I'd say that 40 percent to 50 percent of our major complaints are for lower back pain and/or sciatic nerve issues, followed closely by neck and shoulder issues."

Q: Are there any myths or preconceived notions you battle in your business?

A: "Too many people still think that massage therapy is a luxury and don't understand the true benefits of it."

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Q: Many visitors to the island this time of year are escaping the cold and getting in lots of activity. Any tips on how to avoid a body breakdown?

A: "If you've ever had the opportunity to look at a skeleton up close, or even if you look at one in an anatomy book or online, one of the things you will notice is that all the bones are very uniquely shaped. They're designed that way to fit together like a puzzle. When everything is in its proper place, the body functions at optimum capacity. When they are not in the proper places, then the body has dysfunction because it is dealing with a distorted frame. Many times the body is in the wrong position - not so much that we have a subluxation, which would require chiropractic care, but just a tightness of muscle which holds the bone in the wrong position, or bad muscle memory. Our posture is one of those examples. When we are in proper balance, then our head is directly over our shoulders and our skeletal system holds it up. When we have any kind of a forward roll in our shoulders, then we have a distortion in our framework. Gravity pulls us down in the front and our neck and shoulder muscles have to pull back, countering the effects of gravity all day long. And gravity always wins that battle.

"I have a short video on which explains quickly and easily in a simple procedure that only takes a minute, and shows you how you can adjust your posture and counter the effects of gravity correctly. I believe if someone were to do that every morning for one minute, most upper back and neck pain would just go away."

Q: Regardless of where you may be, when people hear what you do are they immediately placing your hands on the back of their neck and telling you about all the stress in their life?

A: "Yes, that happens pretty much everywhere I go and I'm glad to give some assistance and some guidance whenever I'm able to."

Q: What's your most important tip on good living?

A: "Take the next 30 days and give somebody, anybody, something every day. It might be a compliment, it might be a tip it, it might be advice or encouragement. It could be a dollar to local guy playing music at the Times Square. You will find that your life will change in 30 days, because life's not about me, it's not about you, it's not about us. It's about the people in our lives that we touch, whether it be literally or figuratively."

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