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Community spotlight: Jan Bauer

Making the cut; 30-plus years of salon life has kept her on the run — and yes, sometimes with scissors in hand

May 18, 2016
By John Morton , Fort Myers Beach Bulletin, Fort Myers Beach Observer

Q: You are a manager and stylist at Twisted Scissors, a unisex hair salon located behind Hooters. Last week you celebrated your 12-year anniversary at the salon. How did you get started in the business?

A: "I started doing my brother's and sister's hair when I was 14, back in Indiana. I was always good at arts and crafts and I looked at hair styling as an artsy sort of thing. People liked what they saw and asked me to do their hair, so I did it illegally without a license for several years. I didn't know any better.

"All told, I've been in the business now 33 years."

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Jan Bauer reveals her inner Edward Scissorhands at her beachfront salon. She's been a hair stylist for more than 30 years.

Q: What is the most common hair-related complaint you hear when someone walks in?

A: "People tell me how their hair frizzes or fuzzes in this humid weather. Usually I tell them to just go shorter - to go with what I call 'beach hair.'"

Q: What celebrity style is now the most common request? And how about past styles?

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A: "I get a lot of girls asking for the same look as Lisa Rinna on 'Dancing with the Stars.' It's a more modern look that's kind of choppy and layered.

"Back in the day, people asked a lot for the Jennifer Aniston look. At that time I was the only one doing the hair braid like she had. But I had to change the name from the 'Jennifer braid' to the 'traveler's braid' - too many of my European customers didn't know who she was."

Q: You don't have a degree in psychiatry, but you might as well - right? Do you get a lot of people confiding in you the most intimate details of their lives?

A: "Yes, all day, every day. I feel like a counselor. And they tell me things I don't necessarily want to know and some things I definitely don't want to hear. But I'm a good listener. It's part of the job."

Q: Is it nice to know you can peak out your door and sea the Gulf of Mexico?

A: "Yes, it makes for a very peaceful setting. But at the same time, I get a lot of people coming up from the beach asking for directions or other things. I might as well open an information booth."

Q: You have an old-fashioned hair dryer. Is that mostly an antique or decoration, or do you still have solid demand for it?

A: "Some of the older ladies still want that and enjoy the relaxation it brings. It's what they are accustomed to having. I had them back in Indiana years ago and know how much they can mean to people."

Q: OK, what percent of Fort Myers Beach women are sporting their natural hair color?

A: "I'd say only about 10 percent. And I'd know - I'm the one who's coloring everyone."

Q: In closing, do we even need to ask what your favorite movie is?

A: "Why it's 'Edward Scissorhands,' of course."

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