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Lani Kai speaks out on the fight against littering and keeping Fort Myers Beach clean

June 2, 2016
Fort Myers Beach Bulletin, Fort Myers Beach Observer

Lani Kai's beach is a special part of Fort Myers Beach and is known for hosting thousands of local residents, national guests, and international travelers throughout the year. Holidays are a focal point for beach visitors, and Lani Kai is known to host some of the biggest holiday parties in Southwest Florida.

When a local woman visited the Lani Kai early in the morning the day after the resort's charity event for veterans, she posted a photo of an alarming amount of straws found on the beach on Facebook. The now viral post shows what this local resident witnessed after the holiday highlights an important issue on Fort Myers Beach, but unfortunately doesn't share any information on the efforts that both the Lani Kai and every other business on Fort Myers Beach faces on a constant basis.

"We clean the beach at the beginning of each day, as well as throughout the day; 365 days a year, we rake the entire beach and dispose of all the trash and cooperate with Wind & Water Sports for the best beach cleaning possible," resort management stated. "The morning after a national holiday, there is a massive increase in the amount of litter from beach-goers that needs to be collected."

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Beach raking takes place every morning where tractors pull industrial-sized rakes in order to reach both surface level litter, as well as litter that becomes buried several inches under the surface of the sand. It's necessary to use heavy equipment in order to get the best possible results on a large amount of space. As thousands of guests drop litter along their way through the Lani Kai's property, others walk around, over and on top of it when not picked up immediately.

"Lani Kai Island Resort is obligated to being proactive about providing support to the local environment by putting programs in place to counteract the results of littering. There are several trash cans located throughout the beach that our staff empties frequently through the day. Our servers and staff are also picking up litter through the day as they take care of guests. It's a building-wide effort to take care of our beach, as our location is a main reason why many head to Fort Myers Beach."

Fort Myers Beach, as a whole, has enjoyed many proactive local residents that take to the beach personally in order to do their part to preserve the local area. Even with members in the community who voluntarily visit the beach to pick up litter, the problem remains and beach goers have a responsibility, too -- when visiting the beach respect it by keeping it clean.

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"It's very disheartening to see so many littering freely with all the science and information that is publicly available regarding the result of careless actions. Regardless of how people leave behind trash, it's our beach, we take care of it and will continue to do so as a company and in cooperation with other businesses as well as the individual heroes in our community."

Lani Kai has recently undertaken large community projects, including the Fireworks Fundraiser Silent Auction, and its most recent Cocktails for Charity and Veteran's Dinner events this past Sunday, May 29.

"We are opening our doors to the community in order to raise awareness, support causes, and give back to all who have made the Lani Kai the heart of Fort Myers Beach. We look forward to working with the community to keep our beach clean."



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